Our Story

Over the last 10 years, we’ve witnessed a rather dramatic shift in the way modern medicine is practiced. Due to significant changes within the U.S. healthcare delivery landscape, in many cases the level of patient care has suffered. In general, primary care doctors are seeing more patients per day while spending less time with each of them. Many experts feel that the current insurance reimbursement system promotes the ordering of costly, sometimes unnecessary patient diagnostic tests. Some would argue that today’s healthcare reimbursement system favors a reactive versus a preventative approach.

Two top Beverly Hills specialists, Dr. Ram Dandillaya and Dr. David Ng began to ask themselves some critical questions that would lead to the creation of a new type of concierge healthcare delivery model.

What if clinicians saw fewer patients but spent more time with each patient?

What if a healthcare organization could provide immediate access to some of the world’s most renowned specialists?

How could a delivery model that favors preventative medicine be best implemented?

How could, what is arguably the best part of healthcare in the United States, its specialists, be leveraged most effectively?

How can patient care be improved by eliminating the red tape associated with seemingly unnecessary paperwork and a lengthy referral process?

Ultimately, what healthcare services do patients want and need?

Most importantly, how can a concierge practice be created that is based upon perhaps the most important concept in medicine, compassion?

Their answers to these questions resulted in the formation of Atelier Health Concierge in 2011. Atelier Health provides world-class, specialist-centric care to a select group of patients. In short, Atelier Health has gone back in time to an era that your grandparents described when doctors provided care to individuals as if they were family. The significant difference is that Atelier Health delivers a healthcare model of days’ past with the benefits of modern medicine, specifically the latest in medical science and world-class technology.

As one would imagine, feedback regarding this unique concierge model has been overwhelmingly positive, with one patient concluding that, Atelier specialists, “saved my life various times.”