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The mission of Atelier Health Concierge is to treat patients with compassion, as if they are members of our own family. We deliver the very best U.S. based specialist care, 24 x 7 x 365, utilizing cutting-edge medical protocols and world-class technology.


During this phase, new patients are provided an Executive Physical that serves as a medical baseline. The Executive Physical includes a complete risk assessment for both cancer and heart disease. The patient medical portfolio, which includes history and test results, is retained within our Electronics Medical Records (EMR) system to compare and analyze over time. A patient is assigned a Lead Specialist who serves as their point of contact for our concierge practice.


Prevention is a critical component of Atelier’s concierge practice. The data clearly proves that through prevention techniques, complex and expensive procedures can often be curtailed or avoided entirely. These techniques include, genetic testing, ultrasound screening, and blood panel analysis. Additionally, our specialist team develops patient-specific exercise and diet programs.


Treatment protocols are developed and executed by Atelier’s specialist team. The Lead Specialist coordinates the treatment plan. The patient plays a critical role in providing feedback and communicating his or her preferences throughout this process. Our specialist team utilizes world-class medical technology to execute the treatment protocol. We specialize in critical care medicine, including organ transplant patient cases.

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